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Japan Approves New Cell Therapy Trial for Spinal Cord Injury

The Japanese government’s health ministry has given the go-ahead for a trial of human induced stem cells to treat spinal cord injury. The treatment will be tested in a handful of patients who suffered nerve damage in sports or traffic accidents. Researchers at Osaka University plan to recruit adults who have sustained recent nerve damage in sports or traffic accidents. The team’s intervention involves removing differentiated cells from patients and ‘reprogramming’ them into neural cells. Clinicians will then inject about two million of these cells into each patient’s site of injury. The approach has been successfully tested in a monkey, which recovered the ability to walk after paralysis. These tests follow researcher carried out at Kyoto University which used cells to treat Parkinson’s disease.

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    How many people will be involved in the trial?

    • Around two million.
    • As many patients as possible.
    • Very few, around five to ten in number.

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    Explanation: The passage indicates that the trial will involve a "handful of patients," which typically means a small number, usually less than ten. Options A and B do not align with the information provided in the passage. A hand has only 5 fingers, so, there is nothing wrong with assuming 5.

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