Here is all you need to know about our Programs and about OET Examinations. Read carefully!

The most recommended courses we offer are the Monthly Group Plans. You will be added to Group E, B and A one after the other. When you complete 1 month of Training in the Final Group (A), you will be ready to book / write examination.

Elementary Level (Level E)

  • All new members enter the Group E for 5 days of Elementary Training.
  • During these 5 days, they will learn our 22 Methods and get ready to join the Booster Group (B Level).
  • Admission to E Group is FREE for all members in 2023. 
  • Session Time: 09.00 AM, and 06.00 pm, Monday to Friday. 
  • These sessions are important for beginners and those who are new to English Melons.

During these 5-Days training, members will have a qualifying round at 06.00 pm, on all five days. Those who score 30 marks out of 50 will be qualified for Group B which will start on the first Monday of the month.

NB: Did you miss the Elementary Days? Don’t worry! You can now watch the videos of the same and complete the tasks online. 

Go to Elementary Course.

Qualified members will be added to the Group B on the first day of the new batch. For this, qualified members have to pay the FEE for a month and share the payment receipt.

  • While you are in the Group B (Booster), you will have 5 to 7 sessions, Monday to Friday.
  • Those who cannot attend the LIVE sessions will have access to the recorded sessions. More 70% of our students complete their training with the help of recorded sessions.
  • You will also have personal assessment (Speaking & Writing) once every week and daily update of the Progress Card.
  • The Progress Card is our unique service to all students. With its help, you will see your progress and can easily set goals for the next one week.

NB: In the last week, you will have 5 days of Qualifying Tests. You will be ready to move to Group A if you score 40/50 in these tests.

Upon qualifying the Booster Level (B Level), you will enter the Advanced Level for your Examination. Moving to A Group means you are 90% ready for the Exam. However, majority of the students stay in the Advanced Level (Group A) for a Month’s time.

During this time, you will get daily personal Letter Corrections and Role Plays.

Fee: 4000 INR

No. Even if you are a well trained candidate, for your safety, you have to undergo Level E and Level B Training prior to entering Advanced Level.

You will start receiving Personal Training 15 days prior to your exam. You will be contacted by our Speaking and Writing Personal Trainers.

You can book your Test only after completing a standard training from a trusted institute or trainer. For your safety, make sure that your trainer is not someone who has recently passed OET.

For working medical professionals and mothers with babies, we have two programs. 

  1. Attend the video sessions and watch the live sessions whenever possible.
  2. Study entirely from our website.
  3. Personal Training 

Video Lessons (Rec Plan)

Best for working professionals, the “Rec” Plan allows you to watch all the recorded Sessions for 1200 INR Per Month.

To make it worth your time, you are requested to follow all the instructions provided in the videos.

Study from

This is best for people who love to take a more interesting way to train.

  • You can complete the web-based training just by following the guidelines.
  • Get the benefit of studying without worrying about time management.
  • Monthly Fee: 1200 INR (20 USD).

How to Start Web-Based Training?

  1. If you have not, Register / Sign Up on this site.
  2. Log In with the username and password. 
  3. Go to one of Courses (We recommend doing all the 4 modules simultaneously)
  4. Enroll the Course and follow the instructions. 
  5. After completing each lesson, press “Complete”
  6. After answering Quizzes, press “Submit.”
  7. When you are asked to pay, make payment. 

Personal Training

Yes, we provide personal training to those who cannot cope with the other possible programs. 

  1. Writing, 10 Sessions: 3000 INR
  2. Speaking, 10 Sessions: 3000 INR
  3. Writing, 20 Sessions, 5000 INR
  4. Speaking, 20 Sessions: 5000 INR

NB: Each session will be of 30 minutes each. Reading and Listening will be taught on our website. For those who buy any of the 1, 2, 3, 4 plans, the Website Package will come with a 50% Discount (800 INR)

We have a fixed Time Table for the Sessions and tasks.

  • 08.30 am Speaking
  • 10.00 am Writing
  • 11.30 am Reading 1
  • 01.00 pm Reading 2
  • 06.00 pm Listening & Grammar
  • 09.00 pm Reading 2

NB: From April, there will be 2 Speaking and the first session will be at 10.00 am

Yes. After you have completed the Booster Level, you will enter the A Level (Exam Batch) 20 days prior to your Test Date. During this time, our personal trainers will conduct daily 1-to-1 Personal Sessions. 

We conduct Qualifying Tests on the last 5 days of every month. Each QT will have 50 questions and you will have to score 40/50 to enter A Level. Upon entering Level A, you are ready to Book your Test?


  1. Elementary Level: 1200 INR
  2. Booster Level: 3000 INR
  3. Advanced Level: 4000 INR
  4. Rec: 1800 INR
  5. Website: 1200 INR
  6. All In One: 9000 INR (3 Months)
  7. Mock Test (Real Exam, Listening, Reading, Writing)

In case you take a break from the course, please let us know. We will remove you temporarily from the specific group so that you will not lose a single day.

Bank Transfer

Biju John
Axis Bank
South Bazaar, Kannur
Ifsc UTIB0002605
Acc No 918010048065392

UPI Payment

Google Pay +91 9810740061


NB: Share the payment screenshot on Telegram, privately. +91 7510923061


  1. Select the Level.
  2. Make Payment.
  3. Share the Screenshot to our Telegram Number +917510923061 

Wish you Success.

Join our Telegram Group

After confirming your payment, you will be added to one of the Paid Telegram Groups. You will receive the links to each session in the respective groups. 

NB: Classes in Elementary Level are conducted on the last 5 working days. For April Batch, classes will start on March 27 and will end by 31st. 

All the sessions (classes) are conducted on Zoom App. If you use a mobile, please install Zoom App. For better experience, use a computer or laptop.

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