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IELTS Academic Writing Task 1

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IELTS Academic Writing Task 1


    This is the best and simplest page for IELTS Academic Task 2 writing. Read it carefully and face your exam as an expert.

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    Part 1 Academic Writing task is generally called a ‘Report.’ It is an interpretation of a chart or diagram in which you write 3 -4 paragraphs explaining a chart / a pie-chart / a graph or sometimes a picture.

    • Word-count – 150 words.
    • Time – Approximately 20 minutes.
    • Weightage – 30% (70% for Task 2)

    Be Careful with the Following Aspects

    1. Always look for a year or something that indicates time.

    1. If a past time duration, like, “In 1999, the consumption of electricity in France was…” is given in the question, you have to use past tense.
    2. If no time reference is given in the question, like, “The graph shows the consumption on electricity in 3 different states of China”, you need to write in present tense.
    3. If any future time reference is included in the question, like, “The graph shows the consumption on electricity in 3 different states of China by the year 2060…”, you need to switch the tense to Future Tense with “will, shall, will be, shall be, will have, shall have,” etc.

    2. Focus Keywords.

    1. Every task – Report or Essay – has a few focus keywords that need to be repeated without any restriction. In “The graph shows the consumption on electricity in 3 different states of China”, the focus keywords are “consumption – electricity – China” which you need to use when a new paragraph commences and in most sentences.

    3. Data inputs like percentages and numbers are not meant to be repeated.

    1. Remember not to “copy and paste” the percentages and numbers exactly as they are given in the question.
    2. ‘21.5%’ should be rephrased as “Slightly above 20%.”
    3. “24%” should be rephrased as “a quarter unit of the total consumption…”
    4. 1.3% means “almost nil or hardly any…”

    Part 1 – Introduction & Overview

    Overview or introduction summarizes the theme and overall content of the report.

    • Explain the trend of a graph.
    • Do not mention figures in overview.
    • Mention the striking features of graph (example : highest and lowest values).
    • It is interesting to note that…
    • The gist of the graph is…
    • It is noticeable that…
    • The striking features of graph is…
    • The remarkable features of graph are …
    • The astonishing features like …
    • In general …
    • The outstanding structures of …
    • The pivotal point of …
    • The most significant fact of graph …

    Sample Lines

    • The twin pie-charts portray the staggering similarity between male and female contributions to the work-place.
    • The graph vividly presents the rise and fall of languages from 1900 to 2018 in four major nations in Europe.
    • The graph gives detailed information about the flow of migration from four Asian countries to America and England.
    • The bar graph provides information about how often Americans ate out at fast food restaurants from 2003 to 2013.

    Part 2. Overview

    • As in the introduction, use the focus keywords at the start of the overview, too.
    • Rather than providing the exact figures, write abstractly, that means, convert “14.5% of women pilots” to “One fourth of the women pilots.”

    Sample Lines

    • Overall, it is clear/evident from that majority of Americans ate out in the fast food outlets once a week and once or twice a month in the three different years.
    • It is important to note that the least proportion was for those who ate at fast food corners in the same period.

    Part 3. Body Paragraph

    Body paragraph gets you score so it is important to frame each sentence. The following sections will lead you through various kinds of data analysis along with key words and phrases.

    Sample Lines

    • While Torento used landfill method for waste disposal, Amman managed to dispose waste through incineration.

    Growth & Fall

    • An in-depth  analysis
    • Close scrutiny
    • Most specifically the graph records
    • Conspicuously
    • Evidently


    • However…
    • On the other hand…
    • Contrary to this…
    • At the same time..
    • even though


    • In addition to that…
    • Additionally…
    • Besides…
    • Another important point is
    • It can be observed that
    • It is noticeable that
    • similarly
    • In spite of the above mentioned
    • Interestingly
    • Amusingly

    Percentage & Proportion

    1. The amount of working class in Berlin in 1992 was 35%.
    2. The proportion of women in US Navy in 1995 was 20%.
    3. The ratio of men and women in Pakistan’s politics in 2001 was 3:2.
    4. The number of crimes committed in Delhi in 2002 was 34354.
    5. The percentage of…………was about/around/nearly/almost/just under/just above
    6. The rate of
    7. The share of

    High – Higher – Highest

    1. India had some high towers in 1995.
    2. Pakistan had higher towers in 2011 than India had.
    3. Singapore had the highest towers in 2001.

    Expressions of Decline and Antonyms

    1. Decreased – Increased
    2. Dropped – Rose
    3. Fell – Rose
    4. Declined – Picked up
    5. Plummeted – Rocketed
    6. Collapsed – Built up
    7. Slowed – Accelerated
    8. Crumbled – Built up
    9. Had a downward trend – Had an upward trend
    10. Diminished – Gathered
    11. Decayed – Got renewed
    12. Degenerated – Regenerated
    13. Steady decrease /slight decrease/gradual decrease/ small decline/ small drop
    14. Increased to a peak of/ Increased to a highest point of
    15. Skyrocketed/ Ascended
    16. Downward trend- Upward trend


    1. Rose dramatically – Considerably/significantly/remarkably /sharply
    2. The rate doubled – More than doubled/ three fold increase in the rate
    3. Stable – Remained steady/remained stable/relatively stable/plateaued
    4. Fluctuations – varied/differences.

    Part 4 – Conclusion

    • To conclude,
    • Reaching a reasonable conclusion,
    • To sum up
    • Thus, it can be rightly said that… (highly recommended)
    • Putting it all together (highly recommended)
    • Summarizing (recommended)
    • Summing up (recommended)
    • Reiterating
    • Going over,
    • Running through,
    • Reviewing
    • Recounting the main points.
    • Overall, the steady growth of population in the four countries surveyed shows an alarming trend among people who belong to some particular religions.

    Passive Narration

    • Firstly, a right decision is taken with regards to the construction of a bio-gas plant.
    • Followed by that, a fair estimation is taken with the help of an expert.

    How to Connect Data?

    1. However, Madrid had the highest density of population in 2017. It was 20 people per a square kilometer.
    2. The number of life imprisonment in North Korea in 2010 was 321. It was 3 times less that the same in South Korea.

    Sample Question 1

    This is an imaginary report of a survey conducted among 40 thousand people in China. The graph presents the rise and fall of demand for mobile phones through 2015 to 2019 while it also makes an attempt to predict the unexpected decline of the same by 2025 that will eclipse the mobile legacy for ever.

    Answer | 6.5 Grade

    The graph shows the rising demand of mobile phones in China from 2015 to 2019 and / expected demand up to 2025. Overall, / trend of using mobile phones among citizens had a steady growth throughout the period and it is predicted to decline in the future.

    • Demand for
    • and the expected demand
    • Overall, the trend of using

    In 2015, people who used mobile phones was about 5000 and this trend experienced gradual increase to around 15000 people in 2016. The demand for mobile phones continued to grow steadily and about 25000 citizens started to use mobiles by 2017 and it rose to almost 35000 in 2018. The demand for mobile phone had a slight growth between 2018 and 2019 by less than 40000 people in 2019.

    • the number of people who used mobile phones was about…

    However, demand for mobile phones is expected to drop from 2019. The number of people who use mobile phones will continue to decline between 2019 and 2020, by exactly 20000 citizens in 2020. By 2025, the demand for the mobile phones is expected to be / same as it was in 2015.

    • However, the demand for…
    • drop from the year 2019…
    • demand for mobile phones…
    • expected to be the same

    Sample Question 2

    The line graph gives information about the populations trends of two countries – India and China – and makes predictions for 2100.

    Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

    Write at least 150 words.


    • Tense – Past (2010)
    • Keywords – School Certificate | University Degree | No Qualifications


    1. The percentage of people with university education was up to 76% by the three age groups that means the younger age.
      The total of people with university education was around 75% among the first three age groups between 16 to 50.
    2. While in the case of people above 75 showed that almost 70% of people were not qualified education and the same group accounted for 25% of older people attend university degree education.
      70% of people above 75 were not qualified and the same group accounted for 25% of older people with university degree.
    3. However, in the case of age groups 50-75, about 50% of people attended university and less than 20%attend school certificate education while the same proportion was showed for three age groups(16-24,35-50,50-75) who attended school certificate education.
      However , in the case of age groups 50-75, about 50% had university degrees and less than 20% were holders of school certificate while the same proportion was showed for three age groups, that were 16-24, 35-50 and 50-75 who had school certificates.
    4. In the case of given pie chart educational qualification by gender showed only a slight difference for both male and female in Glasgow a city in Scotland during  the period 2010.
      In the case of the given pie chart, educational qualification by gender showed only a slight difference for both male and female in Glasgow during  the period 2010.

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