Speaking & Writing – Personal Introduction

Speaking: 1.1. Personal Introduction

The personal introduction is an opportunity for you to give your selected institutions some information about yourself. You will have 25 seconds to read the prompt and prepare your response, and then 30 seconds to record your response. This item is not scored, but will be sent together with your score report to the institutions selected by you. You are only able to record your answer once.

You can include the following lines:

  1. Thank you, my name is Rick.
  2. I have a small family – father, mother, a brother and a sister.
  3. My father is a businessman and mother helps him in business.
  4. We have all been trained in such a way that we all take care of the family from cooking to cleaning.
  5. I have my dream to settle somewhere down in Australia and but my family is not in great support.

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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