The Encounter – Prerna Gill

It was late (time) in the afternoon (time). Sunset (time) was about three hours away (time). Lying on a grassy mound, Megha watched the slow-sailing clouds above her for some time. A light breeze turned the pages of her exercise book.

  1. Which are the ______ words / phrases in the text that suggest time?
  2. Which of the ______ words / phrases give clarity to the place described in the setting?
  3. Which phrase gives an idea about the speed of the clouds?
  4. What was Megha doing when Neha came?
  5. From the words used in the text above, can you tell the time when this story opens?

Hearing her name, she sat up with a start (surprise) and turned around to see her friend Neha.
“Aren’t you going home? Don’t you have to go to Miss Sophia’s at five o’clock?” Neha asked.
“No, not yet. If I go home now, Mum will tell me to eat something and do my homework right away.”
“And, what’s wrong with that?”
Megha made a face at Neha.

  1. From the above text, we can see that Neha and Megha are not the same in their outlook / tastes / interests. Write 3 sentences about each of them.
    Although Megha and Neha are friends, they have a lot of differences. Firstly, Megha is a day-dreamer. whereas Neha is very practical and loves studying. Megha interested…?
  2. Why was Megha unwilling to go home?
    Megha was unwilling to go home because she didn’t want to do her homework. She knew that her mother would ask her to eat something and then do her homework. In fact, Megha did not like do her homework.   


Fill in the blanks with a, an, the where needed:

  1. Ms Maria is _____ American (lips open).
  2. I have not heard of ________ alien (lips open).
  3. Does she have _____ European husband?
  4. My father is ____ businessman.
  5. My sister has _____ iPhone.
  6. I live in ______ Delhi.
  7. She plays ______ piano.
  8. We are visiting ______ Agra next month.
  9. _____ Niagara waterfalls are the biggest in the world.
  10. _____ Eifel Tower is in Paris.

Paragraph Writing

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