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Spell Check C

Correct Incorrect
Calendar Calender
Camouflage Camoflage
Caribbean Carribean
Category Catagory
Caught Cauhgt
Cemetery Cemetary
Changeable Changable
Chief Cheif
Colleague Collaegue
College Callage
Column Colum
Coming Comming
Committed Commited
Comparison Comparsion
Concede Conceed
Congratulate Congradulate
Conscientious Consciencious
Conscious Concious
Consensus Concensus
Controversy Contraversy
Coolly Cooly

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Written by English Melon

Biju John, author of ByeBle and Maclins, is an English Language Trainer. He has also authored his educational Fiction. All these titles are available on Amazon and Google. You can contact his office on WhatsApp / Telegram number +917510923061

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