Listening Mini 37.1

You hear two nurses discussing a handover. Now, read the question and choose one of the options. Remember, this is an English Melon O.E.T listening training task.

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  • Question of

    How often is the patient’s temperature checked after the administration of medication?

    • Hourly
    • 2 hourly
    • 3 hourly

    Correct Wrong

    "I administered 500 mg of paracetamol around 3:30 PM and have been monitoring his temperature hourly."

  • Question of

    In how much time did the temperature subside to 37.8 degree Celsius?

    • 1 hour
    • 1 and a half hour
    • 2 hours

    Correct Wrong

    Patient in Room 202 has been running a fever since 3 PM, peaking at 38.5. I noticed the fever when I was checking the vitals. "Yes, it’s reduced slightly to 37.8°C by 5 PM."

  • Question of

    Based on what is a possible infection suspected?

    • Blood cultures
    • Initial blood test
    • Blood culture results

    Correct Wrong

    Blood cultures are still pending. However, the initial complete blood count shows an elevated white blood cell count, indicating a possible infection.

  • Question of

    At present, the patient has:

    • Worsening cough.
    • Breathlessness and cough.
    • Exacerbation of breathlessness.

    Correct Wrong

    He says the cough is persistent but hasn’t gotten worse, and he’s not feeling more breathless.

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