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Listening Mini 36.1

Listen to the audio and choose the correct answer:


  • This is a practice test, so, you can listen to the audio more than once.
  • However, for the real OET Exam, you are allowed to listen to the audio only once.

  • Question of

    The Doctor wants the Nurse to:

    • change the antibiotics dose if there’s no improvement.
    • stop the antibiotics if there’s no improvement.
    • wait for the lab results.

    Correct Wrong

    We hear the word "switch" when the nurse asks the final question - "Should we consider switching antibiotics if there's no improvement?" To this, the Doctor replies: "Wait for the lab results first. We'll reassess if needed." From this we understand that the Doctor and Nurse are talking about "switching" the antibiotics. However, the Doctor asks the Nurse to "wait"

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