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Case Notes 3.4 Tom Clarke

Case Notes 3.4 Tom Clarke



Reading: 5 Minutes + Writing 40

Read the case notes below and complete the writing task which follows.


You are Ramona Decosta, a senior nurse working with Helpline Hospital.

  • Patient name: Tom Clarke
  • DOB: 21/09/1955
  • Address: 92 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne
  • Phone: 0422-894-896.

Social Background:

  • Married Wife – “Miranda” Clarke, aged 58 years. Live together.
  • Retired – Army officer.
  • Two daughters – elder daughter works in Sydney, younger daughter – Adelaide.
  • Quite active.
  • Hobbies: Cycling, watching movies, sports, reading, travelling, playing golf and Tennis.

Surgical History:

  • R Ankle dislocation surgery following a car accident, 1989.
  • Hospitalized for 3 weeks.
  • Septoplasty – 1991.
  • Surgery for Anal Fistula – 1999
  • Eye replacement lens surgery – 2014.

Medical History:

  • Hypertension – 1992 (Did not seek treatment till 2007; now managed with Ramipril)
  • GERD – 2006.


  • Accident with a motorbike while cycling, claimed he was going at a moderate speed, a motorbike hit him while overtaking, landed on the left side of his body.
  • FOOSH (Fall on outstretched hand) injury to L elbow, presented to ER, limited range of motion and extreme pain.
  • X-RAY – Nondisplaced fracture of the coronoid process of the ulna, marrow oedema head and neck of radius involving articular surface, moderate joint effusion.


  • Sling to keep the elbow immobilized- 6 weeks,
  • Capsule CM Plus, Panadol, Ibuprofen, hot compress for pain and inflammation
  • Next Appointment in 6 weeks’ time.


  • X-ray – injury healing well
  • Tab DGain qw
  • Tab CM Plus – qd
  • Sling taken off
  • Exercise program – at home.

29/04/2023 (today)

  • Complains of stiffness and limited range of motion in the elbow
  • Arrange home visits by physiotherapist for rehab program.
  • Tab DGain qw
  • Tab CM plus qd
  • Follow-up appointment – 20/05/2023.

Writing task

Write a referral letter to Amit Kumar, Physiotherapist, Suite 5, 379 Swanston Street, Melbourne requesting home visits for the patient.

In your answer:

  • Expand the relevant notes into complete sentences
  • Do not use note form
  • Use letter format

What do you think?

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