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Role Play Cards

Role Play Card 20.01

Interlocutor Role Play Card

Patient Setting: Hospital Accident and Emergency Department

You have just fallen down the stairs home and think you have broken one of your toes. It is black, swollen and at a strange angle. You cannot put weight on it or wear a shoe. You have come to the hospital for treatment. The emergency department is very busy.


  • Tell the nurse that you fell down the stairs and heard and felt your toe crack.
  • You cannot bear weight or stand on ill and are unable to wear a shoe. Ask whether it is broken.
  • Ask for an X-ray as you have been waiting for a long time.
  • Reluctantly agree to the standard treatment and ask how quickly it will heal.
  • Ask what to do if you still in pain after a few weeks.

Candidate Role Play Card

Nurse Setting: Hospital Accident and Emergency Department

Your patient has come to the emergency department because he/she thinks he/she has broken a toe. It is a very busy weekend right and the patient has been waiting for some time.


  • Find out what happened to the patient’s foot and their mobility/ pain.
  • Explain that you do not know whether it is broken but the procedure is the same for a badly hurt or broken toe (dress and tape it to the next toe).
  • Explain that an X-ray would mean a very long wall and have no bearing on the treatment. The hospital is busy with emergencies tonight.
  • Tell the patient that it usually takes about 6 weeks to heal if cared for property.
  • Provide information about caring for the toe (ice pack every 20 minutes for the first few days, elevate the foot above heart level to reduce swelling and pain, try to rest it)
  • Reassure the patient that painkillers ibuprofen and paracetamol usually work, but to contact his/her GP if there is no improvement after 2- 3 weeks.

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