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Date Formats

Best Date Format:

Expanded date format is most common.

Contracted Date Format Expanded Date Format
04/05/1975 04 May, 1975
04/05/1975 04 May 1975
04/05/1975 May 04, 1975
04/05/1975 the 04th of May, 1975

DoW and DoE

  • DoW is date of writing the letter
  • DoE is the date of the event (admission, discharge, surgery, etc.)

Suppose you are referring to an event on 15th March, 2020 and you are writing the letter on 20th of March, 2020. Here:

  • DoW is 20th March, 2020
  • DoE is 15th March, 2020.

So, you should write like, “On 15th of this month Ms Millie was admitted,” not like, “On 15th March Ms Millie was admitted” or “On 15th of March 2020 Ms Millie was admitted.”

Get ready for the test! Study the dates in the case:

  1. Patient’s name: Joe Morgan
  2. Today’s date: 15 March.
  3. Date of admission: 01 March, 2021
  4. Diagnosis: 02 March, 2021 (Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Disease)
  5. Angiogram: 02 March, 2021
  6. Angioplasty: 05 March, 2021
  7. Date of discharge: 14 March, 2021
  8. Scheduled visit 1: 20 March 2021
  9. Scheduled visit 2: 29th March 2021

Start the Quiz now!

  1. Mr Morgan was admitted on ______ 2021.
  2. Mr Morgan’s diagnostic studies conformed left anterior descending coronary artery disease ________.

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