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Using “Undergo” in OET

There is a long-standing confusion regarding the words undergo, underwent and undergone.

Usage Tense Reason
Mr Parker has undergone appendectomy. Has Time not specified; Recovery pending.
Ms Lee underwent mastectomy during that time. Did Time is indirectly specified.
Mr Morgan underwent polypectomy on 12th March. Did Time is specified.
She has undergone polypectomy. Has No time reference.

NB: Use “underwent” is used with procedures that happen only one, like, “appendectomy and mastectomy.”

Hope this is clear, too! Let’s go to the Quiz!

  1. Please note, Ms Lee ________ a joint replacement three months ago.
  2. Skin biopsy obtained for the diagnostic study revealed nodular basal cell carcinoma following which he ______ surgical removal of the nodules.

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