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Using “Connectors” in OET

Connectors give your letter a flow. However, too many connectors or too few connectors will ruin the beauty of your letter.

Which connectors are okay?

Formal Connectors Usage
And A + B (Both)
Or A / B (Either)
But B minus A
Hence B as a result of A
However But
Therefore As a result of A
Although Exceptional
If Condition passes
Unless Condition fails
Subsequently Afterwards
Additionally In addition to A

Avoid the use of the following connectors in OET letters to retain their formal appearance:

  • Furthermore, Moreover, Besides, Meanwhile, So.
  • Use “since (because)” instead of “As (because)”
  • You can, however, use “as” but not too often.
  • Avoid “as well as” at all places. You use “as well as” only when B is least important compared to A in the sentence: “A as well as B is required.”

Three Connectors that often do not confuse you (because you do not know their exact meaning).

Connectors Meaning Examples
And A and B are equal Metformin and Warfarin can be administered.
Along with A and B belong to the same context but are slightly different Analgesics along with ice-packs are being provided.
As well as Only A is relevant. B is not counted The baby, as well as the mother, is being discharged.


If you can remove the connector and the sentence still makes sense, then you are using a connector when one isn’t needed. Avoid this in OET when it is important to write efficiently without words the reader does not need.

Starting Connectors

  • Never start a sentence with “And and But.”
  • Avoid starting a sentence with “Or and Because,” if you can manage it.
  • It is not wrong to start a sentence with Also!

Ready to Test? Based on the lesson you have learnt here, choose the correct answers:

  1. _______, Ms Lee has repeatedly exhibited traits of self harm.
  2. Mr Morgan’s general physician has not been able to diagnose his underlying condition, _________ this transfer.
  3. Ms Morgan’s general physician has not been able to diagnose her underlying condition, _________ she will be transferred today (2 correct answers).
  4. _______, Mr Parker’s mother will be arriving shortly to provide him care.

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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