Spelling Quiz 2

The accuracy of your spelling is assessed in the Writing sub-test. To achieve a B grade, you do not have to have perfect spelling but it’s always good to aim for perfection. Some misspelled words will stand out more than others. For example: misspelling writting in the phrase: I am writing to… Or, misspelling sincerly in the closing phrase: Yours sincerely. Make a good impression and make sure you avoid such simple mistakes.

While both American and British spelling conventions are accepted, you need to be consistent with your spelling of the same word throughout the letter. For example, if you use the American spelling of tumor then all other occurrences of this word should use American spelling rather than the British spelling: tumour.

  • Question of

    She has not got _____ of friends.

    • allot
    • a lot
    • lot
  • Question of

    A widow, Ms Dixit is an _____ stage artist.

    • amature
    • amteur
    • amateur
  • Question of

    Yesterday Mr Parker _____ fell from his terrace.

    • accidentelly
    • accidentaly
    • accidentally
  • Question of

    It is hard to ______ that Ms Pam is bipolar.

    • believe
    • beleive
    • belive
  • Question of

    She has been asked to keep a _______ till confirmation.

    • calandar
    • calendar
    • calander
  • Question of

    The intensity of such rigors is _______.

    • changeable
    • changable
  • Question of

    The samples are ______.

    • collectable
    • collectible
  • Question of

    You can walk in. He is _______.

    • concious
    • conscious
    • consious
  • Question of

    You can ______ book an appointment with Dr Ernest.

    • definately
    • definitly
    • definitely
    • definatly
  • Question of

    Please remember, the patient has been brought up under strict ______.

    • discipline
    • descipline
    • dicipline

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Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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