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OET Transcription Training 8

Now, you know what transcription is!

  • Listen to the audio – play, pause, play, pause!
  • Write down the entire script on a paper.

If you have completed transcription on a paper, now, proceed to the Quiz below!

  • Question of

    Dr Jarvis opens the conversation with ____.

    • a question
    • an explanation
    • an apology
  • Question of

    He then asks Mrs _____ to tell him what’s brought her.

    • Kentuky
    • Kennedy
    • Kenfry
  • Question of

    Mrs Kennedy got back from holiday ____.

    • two days ago
    • two months ago
    • two weeks ago
  • Question of

    She began to feel ____ ever since she returned from holiday.

    • dreadful
    • relieved
    • scared
  • Question of

    It was _____ flight from South America.

    • a high-speed
    • an uncomfortable
    • a non-stop
  • Question of

    At first she thought that it must be _____.

    • left lag
    • jet lag
    • right lag
  • Question of

    It was not the first time she had this experience.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    She thought she would get over it. It actually _____.

    • got better
    • got worse
    • remained the same
  • Question of

    After a few days, she started getting ____, non-stop shivering and achy muscles.

    • infrequent chills
    • rigors
    • bad chills 
  • Question of

    What is NOT another word for lousy?

    • Tired
    • Angry
    • Unwell
    • Forgetful
    • Infested with lice
  • Question of

    Mrs Kennedy believes that she ____ illnesses.

    • gets a lot of 
    • does not get any
    • does not get a lot of 
  • Question of

    At first, she thought that maybe she had got _____.

    • meningitis 
    • malaria
    • hepatitis
  • Question of

    So she _____.

    • went to the hospital
    • went to the doctor’s residence
    • telephoned the doctor
  • Question of

    The doctor was of the opinion that she had ____.

    • malaria
    • hepatitis
    • meningitis
  • Question of

    Mrs Kennedy did not feel like agreeing with the doctor because she had been taking ____.

    • Atovaquone
    • Proguanil
    • Malarone
  • Question of

    She had started this Malaria medication _____ going away.

    • two days before
    • two weeks before 
    • two months before
  • Question of

    She had taken _____ a few years ago, but this gave her really odd dreams.

    • Mefex
    • Mefly
    • Larium 
    • Artesunate
  • Question of

    The doctor was not ready to change his opinion because some sorts of malaria are _____ to these drugs.

    • compliant
    • allergic
    • resistant 
  • Question of

    He gave her some pills, artesunate and ______, to take for three days just in case it was malaria.

    • mefloquine
    • Doxycycline
    • Chloroquine phosphate
  • Question of

    These two pills did solve the problem; she felt really weak and was sweating _____.

    • during nights
    • during the day
    • a lot
  • Question of

    I finished the pills _____ morning.

    • yesterday, 
    • this
    • day before yesterday,
  • Question of

    “To keep something down” means:

    • Sit down
    • Vomit
    • Go without any pain
  • Question of

    She was ____ all day yesterday and had the most splitting headache.

    • vomiting
    • crying
    • sweating
  • Question of

    When she called the doctor again, she was told that the blood test had come back ____.

    • negative
    • positive
  • Question of

    She was asked to come to the _____ this morning.

    • Primary Care
    • emergency department 
    • Radiology Department

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