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  • Question of

    Mr Davies ____ ___.

    • continued that medicine for a month
    • continued that medicine for a year
    • discontinued that medicine
  • Question of

    Following this, Mr Davies had _____.

    • a really bearable attack of gout
    • no gout for some time
    • a really bad attack of gout
  • Question of

    The GP gave him liquid _____ because she saw that the previous medication was not effective.

    • oxycodone
    • fentanyl
    • morphine
    • Methadone
  • Question of

    After taking this new medicine, he ____:

    • fell unconscious
    • improved his condition
    • felt like being in a dream world
  • Question of

    After this, his GP suggested his using ____ and that did make a bit of difference in his condition.

    • gel ice packs
    • sponge
    • an ice pack
  • Question of

    But Mr Davies did not use it since ____ all the time.

    • one cannot have it on
    • one cannot have it at night
    • one cannot have it while walking
  • Question of

    After that he was asked to try ____ but that did not improve his condition.

    • Allopurinol
    • Febuxostat
    • Alluporinol
  • Question of

    On the contrary, this new medicine caused ______.

    • Eczema
    • dermatitis
    • skin rash
  • Question of

    When he called her, the GP told him to ____ and advised him see a specialist.

    • increase the dosage
    • stop taking it 
    • decrease the dosage

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