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OET Transcription Training 3

What is Transcription?

You lose your Listening Exam because of three reasons:

  1. You do not understand the audios (L3)
  2. You do not understand word meanings (L1)
  3. You cannot decide the answers (Melons)

When the first issue is not solved, you cannot expect to start with Listening Tests.

This is an activity to enhance your listening skills. By this, you:

  1. Listen to the following audios.
  2. Write down the complete transcript (write down every word as you hear)
  3. In case you need to listen again, play again.
  4. You can listen to the audios end number of time.

NB: During the real OET Listening Test you are not allowed to listen to the audio more than once.

Get Ready!

  • Get your pen / pencil and paper.
  • Attach your headphone / earphone.
  • Listen to the audios below and write down the transcripts.

All the best!

Now, proceed to the Questions!

  • Question of

    The Gastroenterologist reaches a conclusion, after talking to Mr Taylor, that his _____ is responsible for his present condition.

    • job
    • age
    • diet’s
  • Question of

    Mr Taylor’s nutritionist had informed him that people with irritable bowel syndrome often don’t eat enough _____.

    • leafy vegetables
    • fibre
    • fruits
  • Question of

    Mr Taylor followed the nutritionist’s advice about taking more fluids ____.

    • during the night
    • during the day
    • day and night
  • Question of

    The majority of his fluid intake consisted of ____.

    • juices
    • milk
    • water
  • Question of

    Mr Taylor is unsure if his fluid intake had any _____.

    • side effects
    • effects
    • harmful effects
  • Question of

    He believes that it was slightly ______.

    • useless
    • tiring him
    • useful
  • Question of

    He tried to cut down ____ because he saw that they can make things worse.

    • daily walking
    • daily exercise
    • dairy products
  • Question of

    He stopped caffeine ______.

    • at large
    • a little
    • completely
  • Question of

    Mr Taylor took ____ as prescribed by his GP.

    • anti-depressants
    • anti-spasmodic
    • anti-coagulants
  • Question of

    This medication was for helping _____ which move food through the stomach.

    • lengthening contractions
    • tightening contractions
    • muscular contractions
  • Question of

    Mr Taylor _____ after the administration of the anti-spasmodic drugs.

    • did not feel better
    • did not feel good
    • did not feel worse
  • Question of

    What does the gastroenterologist mean by “anything else?”

    • any other pain
    • any other discomfort
    • any other medicine
  • Question of

    What does “give anti-depressants a go” mean?

    • give up
    • forget something
    • understand something
  • Question of

    Anti-depressants targets the signals being sent to and from the ______.

    • nerves in the nervous system
    • nerves in the urinary system
    • nerves in the digestive system
  • Question of

    It has a ______ on the muscles there.

    • easing effect
    • calming effect 
    • stressing effect

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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