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OET Transcription Training 15

Now, you know what transcription is!

  • Listen to the audio – play, pause, play, pause!
  • Write down the entire script on a paper.
  • After writing the Transcription Task, proceed to the Quiz below:

If you have done the transcription, it is time to proceed to the Questions.

  • Question of

    Physicians of _____ are more likely to be satisfied with their income than any other ethnicity.

    • Chinese ethnicity
    • Japanese ethnicity
    • American ethnicity
  • Question of

    _____ are the happiest specialty at work.

    • GPs
    • Dermatologists
    • Optometrists
  • Question of

    ______ are most likely to be experiencing the greatest amount of burnout.

    • cardiologist
    • GPs
    • Gynaecologists
  • Question of

    Physician burnout affects physicians and ______ alike:

    • nurses
    • their families
    • patients
  • Question of

    A lot of people do not think that physicians _____.

    • experience financial stress
    • experience social responsibility
    • experience burnout
  • Question of

    Physicians traditionally have tremendous social _____.

    • respectability
    • responsibility
    • withdrawal
  • Question of

    Any physician anywhere in the world earns ______ the average American.

    • more than
    • less than
    • equal to
  • Question of

    Having a caveat to something means:

    • attachment
    • Warning (exception)
    • commitment
  • Question of

    Physicians are tasked with the relief of the suffering means:

    • Physicians suffer from greed
    • Physicians give relief to people in pain
    • Physicians suffer from overwork
  • Question of

    Physician burnout really exists ________.

    • and is subsiding
    • and has been stable for so many years
    • and is rising
  • Question of

    According to the Medscape survey, what is NOT true about physician burnout?

    • a drop in earnings
    • a loss of enthusiasm for work,
    • feelings of cynicism
    • a low sense of personal accomplishment

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