OET Speaking Tasks on Breastfeeding

Look at the Role Play Card:

Patient: You are Ms Evie, a mother who has a three month’s old baby (Alan). You would like to know of the best food that you can give to her. You, as a mother, have noticed that she has lost weight significantly since the time of her birth.


Ask the nurse

  1. Thank you, nurse. Thank you for your valuable time. If you don’t mind, if you won’t think this is a silly question, what should be the best food for a three month’s old baby?
  2. Oh, I didn’t know so much. Well, can I start solid food for the baby, apart from breastfeeding?
  3. I have another concern, nurse. You know, Alan’s weight has gone down, considerably. I know it is something not good.
  4. Thank you, sister! You have really made me understand so much. Do you have any practical advice for me to increase breast milk. I mean, supplements, food choice, volume of food, etc.
  5. Thanks! I will follow your instructions.


  1. Record any 2 of answers for the 5 questions asked by Ms Evie.
  2. Share your answer in the group or upload the audio.

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