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OET Speaking Role Play – Asthma

NURSE: Liz Orwel


Ms Atlanta Cruz was brought into the emergency department of your hospital late last night suffering from an acute asthma attack. She is currently being held for observation. The patient has had a fright and is very concerned about his/her condition:

  • Find out how the patient is feeling and if they have any questions about asthma;
  • Explain what asthma is (e.g., a chronic disease of the airways, etc.).
  • Discuss the causes, such as environmental factors and an inherited predisposition.
  • Explain the treatment, for example, a Ventolin (salbutamol) inhaler, and how to use such an inhaler.
  • Discuss the prognosis for asthma patients.
  • Deal with the patient’s anxiety about the problem; emphasizing that asthma can be controlled.

  • Question of

    Address the patient…

    • Ms Cruz?
    • Ms Atlanta Cruz?
    • Atlanta Cruz?
  • Question of

    Introduce yourself…

    • My name is Liz Orvel, one of the registered nurse
    • My name is Liz Orvel, one registered nurse
    • My name is Liz Orvel, one of the registered nurses
  • Question of

    Asking preference…

    • “How may I addressed you?”
    • How do you prefer to be addressed?” 
    • “How would you like to be address?”
  • Question of

    Thanking 1

    • Thanks for coming to see me now.
    • Thanks
  • Question of

    Entering Purpose…

    • “I understand that you are here to talk about your asthma.”
    • “Do not worry about asthma.”
    • “I have been asked to talk to you about your asthma.”
  • Question of

    Patient: “Yes, I am really disturbed since last night. I never had such an attack of asthma before. I have lived with this condition for years, ________, I think I have no hope.”

    • but since what happened
    • but since what has happened
    • but since what has been happening
  • Question of

    Trying to understand…

    • I can understand your concern – but I would like to know more about it
    • I have collected pretty detailed information about your fright from your doctor, yet I would like to know more about it.
    • I can understand your concerns
  • Question of

    Ask for Permission…

    • “Before I take you through the treatment options, I’d like to ask you some questions about your condition. Is that alright?”
    • “Before we continue, I would like to know more about what you experienced prior to your admission. Is that alright?”
    • “Before we continue, I would like to know more about what you had experienced prior to your admission last night. Is that alright?”
  • Question of

    Asking Questions 1

    • How intense was it?
    • How much intense it was?
    • How many intense was it?
  • Question of

    Patient: It was unbearable. I ______ for a while. I thought I was going to die.

    • cannot breathe
    • could not breath
    • could not breathe
  • Question of

    Asking Questions 2

    • I think you had an inhaler?
    • Your doctor said that you were helpless even with an inhaler. Was that so?
    • Hadn’t you have an inhaler?
  • Question of

    Patient: “Yes, it was ____ at that time.”

    • not use
    • of no use
    • useless
  • Question of

    Understanding the patient…

    • “I see.”
    • “Yes, I am understanding you, Ms Cruz.”.
    • “Yes, I can feel that, Ms Cruz.”

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