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OET Sample Letter – Sona Mittal

26 October, 2019

Ms Annette de Cruz
Nutrition Department
D Wing, St Charles Children’s Hospital
Bridge Town, Sydney

Dear Ms Cruz,

Re: Sona Mittal, 2 years

I am writing to introduce Sona Mittal whose mother requires assistance and guidance for the child’s nutritional needs. She was discharged yesterday.

Sona was admitted with the complaints of cough, catarrh, weakness, fever and shortness of breath. She was found to be unkempt and malnourished. Her eyes were sunken and the skin was dry. She is underweight for her age.

During hospitalization, Sona was treated with antibiotics. In addition, she had an inhaler and hot water steaming. She was eating well, therefore physically promising. However, she was speaking fewer words as compared to the pre-admission. To add to this, she sleeps during the day but hardly at night.

Sona and her 20-year-old mother Sangeetha live together. Ms Sangeetha has mood swings due to which she keeps aloof and is reluctant to cook food in time. Please note, she has been referred to a social worker.

Sona’s mother needs to be educated regarding the preparation of nutritious meals and about the importance of continuing antibiotics and vitamin C for the next seven days. As you know, an appointment has been scheduled for Sona at your service on 1 November, 2019 for which this letter will serve an introduction.

If you need further clarification regarding Sona, or her mother, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Registered Nurse.

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