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OET Role Play – Asking Questions

SETTING – Mental Health Clinic | PATIENT


You are a 45-year-old project manager in the high-stress corporate finance job. Your employer has referred you to a mental health clinic as per the company’s Employer assistance Program. Over the last three months, you have been feeling “fed up with life. You have difficulty falling asleep and often wake up during the night after and unable to sleep again. Last night, you woke up at 4 am and watched the king away. Moreover, you have two children- a son aged 15 years and a daughter aged 13 years. Your spouse passed away last year in an accident. After his/her demise, you didn’t get time to grieve. You had to support your family as a single parent due to which you lost yourself work. However, your energy levels have been so low lately that you are exhausted me of the time causing you to be inconsistent with showing up at work and spending the entire day on your sofa. Initially, you enjoyed playing and swimming with your kids but have lost interest in everything now. Despite these negative feelings, you cannot think of hurting yourself because of your kids.

  • Respond to the nurse’s questions
  • Ask if you are depressed-your read online that your behavior may be associated with depression
  • Express concern about losing your job due to depression and not becoming dependent on depression medication

SETTING – Mental Health Clinic | NURSE


You are speaking to a 45-year-old project manager in the high-stress world of corporate finance, prior to his/her consultation with the doctor scheduled in 15 minutes. He/She has been referred to your clinic by the company’s employment assistance program after he/she missed a few business meetings and has been inconsistent with showing to work.

  • Ask the patient about how he/she has been feeling in the last few weeks-mood, energy levels, sleep, impact on family, work, and lifestyle, risk of self-harm.
  • Empathize with him/her regarding her feelings
  • When asked about depression, respond that only the doctor can give definitive diagnosis
  • When client expresses concern about his/her job, say that the doctor will be able to write a note for a leave of absence if deemed necessary
  • Reassure him/her about different treatment options for depression support group, short term medication

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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