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OET Melons™ M1 – Crohn’s Disease

What’s M1?

Slightly unlike Summarizing (S1), M1 is writing the main idea of each individual sentence. All you have to do is:

  1. Read each sentence
  2. Think of a word or a few words that can fully explain it.

Proceed to the Quiz.

  • Question of

    Crohn’s disease is a type of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

    • CD type
    • CD nature
    • CD, an IBD
  • Question of

    As many as 780,000 Americans have the condition, according to the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA).

    • Spread of CD
    • CCFA’s findings
    • 780,000 Americans have CD
  • Question of

    More research about Crohn’s disease is necessary.

    • Need for research
    • Research
    • More research
  • Question of

    Researchers aren’t sure how it begins, who is most likely to develop it, or how to best manage it.

    • Absence of research
    • Absence of evidences
    • Absence of solutions
    • Uncertainty about CD’s nature
  • Question of

    Despite major treatment advances in the last 3 decades, no cure is available yet.

    • Absence of treatment
    • Absence of treatment in spite of treatment advancement
    • 3 decades of treatment advances
  • Question of

    Crohn’s disease most commonly occurs in the small intestine and the colon.

    • Area of development
    • Area of occurrence
    • CD’s area of development
    • Most common area of development
    • CD in small intestine & colon
  • Question of

    It can affect any part of your gastrointestinal (GI) tract, from the mouth to the anus.

    • Areas of CD occurrence
    • Possibility of CD in the entire GI tract
    • CD in GI tract – from mouth to anus
  • Question of

    It can involve some parts of the GI tract and skip other parts.

    • Unaffected areas of the GI
    • Affected areas of the GI
    • Affected / unaffected areas of CD in the
  • Question of

    The range of severity for Crohn’s is mild to debilitating.

    • Range of severity 
    • Low and high range of severity 
    • Two ranges of severity
  • Question of

    Symptoms vary and can change over time.

    • Change of symptoms over time
    • Nature of symptoms over time
    • Change over time
  • Question of

    In severe cases, the disease can lead to life threatening flares and complications.

    • Severe cases
    • Severe cases and complications
    • Severe cases and severity of complications
  • Question of

    The symptoms of Crohn’s disease often develop gradually.

    • Symptoms – development
    • Gradually developing symptoms
    • Gradual development
  • Question of

    Certain symptoms may also become worse over time.

    • Certain symptoms
    • Worsening of symptoms over time
    • Worse over time
  • Question of

    Although it’s possible, it’s rare for symptoms to develop suddenly and dramatically.

    • Sudden development of symptoms
    • Rare development of symptoms
    • Rare, sudden symptom development

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