Not Admitted Cases!

Usually we start the second paragraph of a letter as, “Ms Lee was admitted here on 12th of this month with complaints of something….”


  • Patient: Ms Sarah
  • Under your care (at her home) for three months.
  • Today’s Visit:
  • Complained of ringing in the left ear.


Under my care for the last three months at her home, Ms Sarah communicated during today’s visit that she heard ringing in the left ear.

How to start the second paragraph if the patient is not admitted?

  • In most cases the patient gets admitted and then get discharged.
  • What is the patient was not admitted (OPD, casual visits)?
  • In some cases it can be a case of homecare or residing in a rehabilitation facility!
  • Is such cases we cannot start the second paragraph as “Ms Lee was admitted on 12th March with acute pain in the abdomen along with breathlessness.”

What to do then?

Solution is here! These are a few sample lines to start the second paragraph:

  • A resident of our rehabilitation facility, Ms Olsen was found tired with a BP that read 180/95 this morning.
  • Home-cared by me for the last three months, Mr Parker has had worsening diabetes mellitus.
  • Under my care for a while at her home, Mrs Paro communicated during today’s visit that salbutamol puffs are ineffective as she was has increased shortness of breath.

Say if the patient is admitted, home-visited, not admitted in the following cases.

Mr Thomas Moor – 81 years – first admission: 12th May – Second admission: 27th May – Last admission: today – Discharged: 1 hour ago. Transferred to Mandela Memorial Hospital, Sydney. You are nurse from Mandela Memorial Hospital.

Patient: Mrs Marie Warrior – Resident of Pink City Rehabilitation (Last three months) Transferred to Emergency Care at King Mustaffa Hospital, Melbourne, 6 hours ago. Letter written by – Care Nurse, Pink City Rehabilitation.

Written by Biju John

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