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Melons Reading with Negative Method (N2)

The first myth is the assumption that Australians are less altruistic than other people. The truth, however, is that Australia compares favourably with other developed countries in terms of how much money is given to those in need. In fact, it ranks sixteenth in the world for Official Development Assistance donations, ahead of the USA, Portugal and Italy – countries leading the world in organ donation rates. What’s more, Australia’s living-kidney donation rates are high — several times higher, in fact, than those in Spain, France, Austria and Italy, which have the world’s highest deceased organ donor rates.

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    In the second paragraph, the writer dismisses the idea that:

    • Australians are unaware of the shortage of deceased organ donors.
    • people in developed countries are more likely to help those in need.
    • there is a correlation between social attitudes and living kidney donation.
    • inhabitants of Australia are not as generous as those of other countries.

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