Irregular Verbs – O

Offset offset offset
Outbid outbid outbid
Outbreed outbred outbred
Outdo outdid outdone
Outdraw outdrew outdrawn
Outdrink outdrank outdrunk
Outdrive outdrove outdriven
Outfight outfought outfought
Outfly outflew outflown
Outgrow outgrew outgrown
Outleap outleaped / outleapt [?] Outleaped / outleapt [?]
Outlie (not tell truth) regular outlied outlied
Outride outrode outridden
Outrun outran outrun
Outsell outsold outsold
Outshine outshined / outshone [?] Outshined / outshone [?]
Outshoot outshot outshot
Outspeak outspoke outspoken
Outspeed outsped outsped
Outspend outspent outspent
Outswear outswore outsworn
Outswim outswam outswum
Outthink outthought outthought
Outthrow outthrew outthrown
Outwrite outwrote outwritten
Overbid overbid overbid
Overbreed overbred overbred
Overbuild overbuilt overbuilt
Overbuy overbought overbought
Overcome overcame overcome
Overdo overdid overdone
Overdraw overdrew overdrawn
Overdrink overdrank overdrunk
Overeat overate overeaten
Overfeed overfed overfed
Overhang overhung overhung
Overhear overheard overheard
Overlay overlaid overlaid
Overpay overpaid overpaid
Override overrode overridden
Overrun overran overrun
Oversee oversaw overseen
Oversell oversold oversold
Oversew oversewed oversewn / oversewed
Overshoot overshot overshot
Oversleep overslept overslept
Overspeak overspoke overspoken
Overspend overspent overspent
Overtake overtook overtaken
Overthink overthought overthought
Overthrow overthrew overthrown
Overwind overwound overwound
Overwrite overwrote overwritten

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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