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Information Vs Queries

Know the difference between these words!

Which expression is correct?

  • For more information, kindly contact me.
  • For more queries, kindly contact me.

The first expression is correct but what is wrong with the second?

  • “For more queries?”
  • Do you contact someone for more queries (question?). No, never.
  • We contact someone for “more information.”

The correct expression with queries is:

  • If you have further queries, please contact me.

Other ways of expressing queries and information:

  • If you require further information, please contact me.
  • Please feel free to contact me for further information.
  • In case you would require more information about Mrs Rebecca, kindly get back to me.

NB: We can say, “for further queries” and “for further information” but we never say “if you need / require “further queries.”

Check your Score below:

  • Question of

    For further _______ kindly contact us on the following numbers.

    • information
    • informations
  • Question of

    If you have further _______ about this procedure, kindly feel free to contact us.

    • queries
    • information
    • informations

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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