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Information Letter – Threadworm Infestation

31 March, 2017

Parents of Students
Toohey Hill Primary School

Dear Sir / Madam,

Sub: Threadworm infestation and treatment

I am writing to inform you about the outbreak of threadworms, associated symptoms and its treatment for the students. As parents, your immediate attention is most important to stop infestation.

To know the presence of threadworms, the child need to be noticed for itching around the anus, restless sleep, teeth grinding while sleeping, loss of appetite and signs of irritability. Apart from these, periodical slight stomach upset and urinary tract infection issues with urination are also the symptoms of this infestation. Please note that many cases are asymptomatic.

Children between five and fourteen are more prone to the worms while adults can also be infested by eggs. The infestation is more common in crowded living conditions such as schools and living rooms apart from toilets.

Threadworms occur commonly in warm weather and in impaired sanitation. resembling a 1.5 cm long fine cotton thread, they are active more at night than otherwise and are mostly found outside the surface of feaces.

As for treatment, ventox or combantrin can be taken as per the order of a doctor or pharmacist but are not recommended in pregnancy and for children less than 2 years. The medicine should be taken on the same day by the whole family to avoid the risk of re-infestation. If re-infestation is suspected, another dose need to be taken after 15 days.

It is essential to adapt to strict hygienic measures such as morning shower to remove the eggs and to use towel and face clothes separately. It is important to change their night dress including undergarments daily. It is important to change bedsheets every 7-8 days. The responsibility of shortening your ward’s nails, making them wash their hands thoroughly with soap after toileting and before food lies in every parent.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school or the community health center for any further information.

Yours faithfully,
School Nurse.

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