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Describe an exciting book you read some time in the past.

  • Although reading books on paper is not common these days, _______.
  • The name of the book ________.
  • I started reading the book because it was suggested by ______.
  • Unfortunately, I did not find it _________.
  • I hadn’t read hardly 10 pages of it when I _______.
  • The next day, while sitting idly at home, I picked the ______.
  • Strangely, the first sentence of the second chapter was ______.
  • The language appeared easy so ______.
  • It was about two boys who climbed a steep hill to meet an old man, an old wizard who _____.
  • I lost myself for many hours because the rest of the ________.
  • The boys climbed the hill because their village was being haunted by a pack of giants ______.
  • I completed half of the novel by midnight and went to sleep.
  • The next morning I woke up early and started reading _____.
  • By the evening I completed ______.

Follow up Questions:

  1. Reading a book is entertaining but have you thought of the difficulties that writers encounter?
  2. If you write a story, what will you write about?
  3. Why is the introduction of the story a little harder than the rest?
  4. Which book will you recommend for young readers?

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