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H Words

H Words are Has, Have, Having and Had.

While Have and Has are present, Had is past tense. You can use “Having” anywhere if the action is /was happening.

  • Have you resigned?
  • Has she resigned?
  • Had he complained?
  • She is having pain in the back.

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I have two brothers and two sisters besides father and mother. I have an old ailment just like everybody in my family |has| one. My father |has| asthma while mother and my eldest sister |have| diabetes. My elder brother Parker |had| breathing issues till recently but now he does not |have| any such complaints. My mother has |had| hyperthyroidism and she |has| medication for the same.

Have you decided to undergo the surgery? If you |have| (have / has / had), I shall guide you through the procedures your daughter |has| (has / have / had) to undergo. First, she |has| (has / have / had) to get admitted here a day before the surgery. During this time, she will |have| (has / have / had) to be monitored by a doctor and a duty nurse.

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