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Be Words – Fill Ups

Let’s start with filling the blanks below with Be Words. The following are Be Words:

Subject Be Words
I Am, was, will
We Are, were, will
You Are, were, will
They Are, were, will
He (Mr Parker) Is, was, will
She (Ms Lee) Is, was, will
It (Medicine) Is, was, will

Press “Quiz” and complete each question in the given time.

  • Question of

    OET is really interesting. It is interesting because I ____ able to figure out what ____ correct and what ____ not correct.

    • am, was, was
    • am, is, is
    • am, was, is
  • Question of

    Two years ago, I was totally blank about OET preparation. Even many of my friends ____ not in favor of OET. They said IELTS ____ easier.

    • were, is
    • are, was
    • were, was
  • Question of

    From now, I ____ focus on language improvement because all the four modules of OET ____ built on language.

    • will, is
    • will, are
    • am, are
  • Question of

    Ms Neena and her baby Kevin were admitted here three days ago. We ____ about to discharge the baby and mother today. Their relatives are waiting outside. What concerns their discharge is that she ____ not compliant with antibiotics.

    • are, was
    • were, is
    • are, is
  • Question of

    I was sitting and writing the description of a patient’s X-rays. The patient ____ seated nearby and ____ looking a bit nervous as he ____ to know his diagnosis in 5 minutes.

    • is, was, is
    • is, was, was
    • was, was, was
  • Question of

    I suddenly remembered that I’d forgotten to pass some documents to my colleague so I decided to call him. “Hello, ____ this the department of pathological anatomy? Please, let the Chief of the department know that I ____ waiting for him in my office.

    • is, am
    • is, was
    • was, am
  • Question of

    I am flying to Paris next week. It ____ be my second trip to France. I ____ be accompanied by my parents this time. I hope they ____ enjoy this trip. We ____ stay in Hotel Rits.

    • will, is, was, are
    • will, shall, will, will
    • will, will, will, will

Written by Biju John

Love for English begins with understanding its unknown rules. Biju John lives on the internet, teaching OET, IELTS and PTE. More than a million students have thanked him from their heart.

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