Discharged / Was discharged / Has been discharged

Is discharged Is discharged means the patient is either leaving the hospital at present – almost left the hospital
Is being discharged Is being discharged means the process is going on but the patient is getting ready, packing his things, paying the bills
Has been discharged Has been discharged means the patient is gone but the hospital is in touch with him…
Was discharged Was discharged means the hospital is not in touch with the patient nor is the patient in touch with the hospital.

Discharged or Ready to be discharged?

Expression Meaning
He is ready to be discharged
He has been discharged

If you say, “He is ready to be discharged,” it means, from your side the discharge process can be initiated, depending on the recipient’s approval. However, if you say, “He has been discharged,” the recipient can ask, “why did you discharge without first asking us?

  • You have to first explain the case and make a request to the recipient.
  • Secondly, if the recipient agrees to admit your patient, you can proceed to the discharge process.

Attention! Follow the same rules for “Transferred” and “Ready to be Transferred.”


  • Patient – Mr Volks Azimov
  • Present condition – Pancreatic stone
  • Discharge – Ready, today.
  • Recipient – Nurse, home care service
  • Communication – First time communication.

NB: First Communication means the recipient is being contacted for the first time. Already Communicated means the recipient has already been communicated.

I am writing to transfer Mr Volks Azimov who requires long term rehabilitation. He has been under our care for the last three weeks for pancreatic stone and is recovering now. He |is ready for discharge| (has been discharged / is ready for discharge).

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