Decide your OET Program 1

It is quite hard to decide which OET training program you should enroll for. Here is what most OET candidates usually do:

  • 05% candidates get trained by passed out people
  • 20% candidates attend coaching centers
  • 25% candidates get trained by online premium providers (E2, Benchmark, etc)
  • 05% take training from online individual trainers
  • 05% candidates get trained for free (Websites, Youtube)
  • 40% of the candidates take no training.

Which OET training Program should you join?

Based on your score in the following 3 tests, you can decide one of the training programs offered by englishmelon or any other training providers you trust. If you are advised not to take any training, you can attend my free sessions from 8.00 PM Indian time. For this, you should be a member of the English Melon OET group. Join Now!

How do these 6 tests decide your training program?

These eligibility tests check three skills you have, such as:

  1. English Proficiency (Language)
  2. Medical Knowledge
  3. Common Sense
  4. Reading Proficiency Test
  5. Listening Proficiency Test
  6. Speaking Skills

Among the three, common sense is something that OET exam really wants to see in you. For example, you mention the age of a baby in the “Ref:” line but you start the letter like, “Baby Alana, a 17 days old baby…”. In this case you have made repetitions. This shows that you lack common sense.

Take the test below:

The test below is the first among the three tests. In this test your English proficiency is tested.

  • Question of

    I am writing to refer baby Kiona along with her mother, Ms Ronee Ching who _____ follow-up care and further support at your service as they are being discharged today.

    • requires
    • require
    • are requiring
  • Question of

    She is sleepy throughout the day and ____ at night

    • crying
    • cries
    • cry
  • Question of

    I am writing to refer Mrs Ashraf who was admitted _____ at home.

    • with a complaint of fall
    • after a fall
    • due to a fall
  • Question of

    She requires continuous care and management from your facility _____ she is set to be discharged today.

    • because
    • hence
    • as
    • as if
  • Question of

    On admission, Mrs Lee had nausea and dehydration for which ____ on an IV fluids.

    • she has been commenced
    • she had been commenced
    • her treatment commenced
  • Question of

    On the following day, occasional pain in the lungs ____ noticed

    • was
    • has been
    • had been
  • Question of

    Her birth-weight ____ 3020 grams.

    • was
    • is
    • has been
  • Question of

    The child is ___ ___ breast feeding and bottle feeding.

    • reluctant for
    • reluctance to
    • reluctant with
    • reluctant to
  • Question of

    Her husband ____ as a security guard on night shift.

    • is working
    • works
    • working
  • Question of

    ____ would be highly appreciated if you could take over the care of this baby and her mother.

    • I
    • It
    • This


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