Day 9 Speaking Tasks

Introductory Question 9

How important is to listen to patients, especially you are working overnight, exhausted?

Role Play Question

Mr Ahmed Bin Ali has just driven into your emergency with his son Araam who has been bitten by a snake ten minutes ago. The boy has not shown any symptoms of a usual snake bite other than mild pain around the ankle. Mr Ahmed is in panic as the rest of the family is. While waiting for the doctor to arrive, Mr Ahmed strikes up a conversation with charge nurse Ms Celine.


  1. Nurse, I am really scared. How long will it take the doctor to arrive?
  2. That’s fine. What is your expert opinion about the bite. Would you mind examining?
  3. It was a brown snake, the usual ones. We were out with the family. He went after a hare and got into a bush – you know! There it was – a meter long. Are brown snakes venomous?
  4. How will the treatment be?
  5. I know the doctor will advise but, what will be the course of medication? Will there be any follow up?

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  • Question of

    Nurse, I am really scared. How long will it take the doctor to arrive?

    • It wont’s take long, Mr Ahmed.
    • There is nothing to be scared of, Mr Ahmed. It wont’s take long.
    • Yes, it appears to be a deadly venomous snakebite. Don’t worry – the doctor wont’s take long to arrive.
  • Question of

    Do you think this is a serious case?

    • No!
    • It can be but don’t worry, Mr Ahmed.
    • This is quite an ordinary case, Mr Ahmed. The boy is already out of danger.

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