Day 8 Speaking Tasks

Open-ended and closed–ended Questions

You have to ask questions to the patient to understand the case completely. There are two kinds of questions:

  1. Open-ended: Patient can answer anything.
  2. Closed-ended: Patient can say either “yes” or “no.”

Introductory Question 7

How do you feel when an important equipment in your department fails? I mean, like a pressure reader, a stethoscope or say, your X Ray machine?

Role Play Question

Mrs Elizabeth has been brought to to Aster Medicare, Adelaide. The latter has had a fall three days ago but it was not taken seriously as there was neither pain nor symptoms of fracture. However, today her daughter Anne and her husband Stephen brought Mrs Elizabeth to the hospital. As Mrs Elizabeth is waiting for her turn, Ms Anne and Stephen are in conversation with a nurse, Mr Peter, seeking advice.

Question 7 | Mr Stephen

Anne rises and follows a nurse who wanted her to come to the emergency ward. Mr Stephen remains with Mr Peter.

Sorry, Mr Peter, I didn’t know whom to show an X-Ray result. This often happens with me when I enter a hospital. I keep misplacing when in hospitals and banks. Well, does your hospital provide the assistance of a nurse at home, after her discharge? I mean, to stay with us for a long duration.

Answer your replay in the comment box below:

  • Question of

    You can, why not! Our hospital ____ home-nursing service in a number of ways.

    • provide
    • provides
    • is providing
  • Question of

    All our nurses are ___ qualified and competitive.

    • high
    • highly
  • Question of

    That’s not an issue. The nurse we provide ___ deal with such situations.

    • may
    • can
    • should
  • Question of

    That’s our pleasure but remember, the nurses ___ respected at the best.

    • should be
    • ought to be
    • need to be
    • must be
  • Question of

    Please remember, Mr Peter. We have mostly nurses from India and South Africa here. Hope you ___ most polite with them.

    • may be
    • should be
    • must be
    • will be
  • Question of

    Sorry for asking, but, ___ your mother in law become violent at times?

    • do
    • does

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