Day 7 Speaking Tasks

Open-ended and closed–ended Questions

You have to ask questions to the patient to understand the case completely. There are two kinds of questions:

  1. Open-ended: Patient can answer anything.
  2. Closed-ended: Patient can say either “yes” or “no.”

Introductory Question 7

How do you feel when an important equipment in your department fails? I mean, like a pressure reader, a stethoscope or say, your X Ray machine?

Role Play Question

Mrs Elizabeth has been brought to to Aster Medicare, Adelaide. The latter has had a fall three days ago but it was not taken seriously as there was neither pain nor symptoms of fracture. However, today her daughter Anne and her husband Stephen brought Mrs Elizabeth to the hospital. As Mrs Elizabeth is waiting for her turn, Ms Anne and Stephen are in conversation with a nurse, Mr Peter, seeking advice.

Question 7 | Anne

You strongly assure that there is no fear of getting my mother admitted here. Well, here is her X Ray report being brought. I fear she will have to undergo some surgery. Could you please have a look at the report?

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  1. Yes ..Mr Stephen I can understand that you are really worried about her condition.::::mm.:but let me me tell you ..I am not the authorised person to evaluate the reports .:but don’t worry ..what I can do is I can contact the doctor right now and inform him on the result …trust me he can visit your mother soon and able to decide definitive treatment for her ..would you be okay with that

  2. I really understand your concern…I am not an authorized person to look after the Xray and make decision about surgery..I will make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. So he can help you out with this matter.does it sounds good??

  3. Certainly Anne… i can see that you are anxious about your mother’s condition and it is absolutely normal to feel that way. If i were in your place, i would have felt the same way as you did. But i am afraid, i am not the authorized person to evaluate the reports. An orthopedic doctor is the perfect person to evaluate it. What i would do right away is to inform him about the reports. He will be here as soon as possible and will let you know whether your mother needs a surgery or not. R you ok with that?/Do you understand so far?
    And let me assure you that your mother is in a good hand so try not to worry. I hope i have been able to clear your querries. Haven’t I? In a meanwhile , if you will have any questions to ask then im here to adress it all.

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