Day 4 Reading Test

Reading Sub-test Part B

To: All Primary Care Staff
Topic: Diabetic Eye Screening

This recently introduced service is designed to detect retinopathy at an early stage, thereby ensuring early treatment and preventing deterioration of vision in 70 – 90% of sufferers. Primary carers should refer all patients who have a confirmed diagnosis of diabetes mellitus for screening. Those meeting the criteria will be invited for retinopathy screening withing three months of registration. To ensure equity of service, clinics are located as close to the patient’s primary care practice as possible.

The screening is straightforward and takes approximately 40 minutes. Following mydriasis, photographs of the retina are obtained using a specialist camera. Images are then assessed for the presence and severity of diabetic retinopathy. If sufficient levels are present, the patient will be referred to Ophthalmology for further assessment.

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  • Question of

    The purpose of the email is to:

    • Update details given in an earlier message.
    • Inform physicians about a new form of assessment.
    • Explain when a new procedure will be available.

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