Day 20 AXYS Task

What is AXYZ?

  1. AXYZ Labels – Decide what in the texts are X, Y, Z and A
  2. X is the main topic discussed in the text.
  3. Y is the sub topic of X.
  4. Z is the contrary topic to X and Y.
  5. There can be X¹, Y¹ and Z¹
  6. A is very rare – it is the super topic under which X, Y and Z come.


Alpha-gal syndrome describes a spectrum of symptoms resulting from an IgE-mediated allergy to the disaccharide α-gal. The specific IgE immunoassay that confirms a diagnosis was first introduced in 2012.1 Thus, alpha-gal syndrome is a relatively new disease and researchers are investigating its exact mechanism of development. Alpha-gal disaccharide is a blood group substance of non-primate mammals found on glycolipids and glycoproteins in the meat of beef, pork, and lamb, as well as goat, rabbit, squirrel, and horse.2 A patient with IgE-mediated α-gal allergy will develop an allergic response after eating meat from these animals (red meat). There is a globally reported association between tick bites and IgE antibodies to α-gal.3 In the United States, Amblyomma americanum is identified as the culpable tick species. The range of A americanum, also known as the Lone Star tick, spans the Southeastern region of the United States, the same area from which most cases of allergic reactions to red meat are reported.

Now, find out the X, Y, Z and A topics of the text above:

  1. What is the main topic (X) of this text?
  2. What is the sub-topic (Y)?
  3. What is the contrary topic (Z)?
  4. What supports X?
  5. What supports Y?
  6. What supports Z?

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