Addressing the Letter

After Date on the top of the letter, the second element is Address of the recipient – the receiver of the letter. Understanding who is receiving the letter is very important because the information we include or exclude depends on the recipient.

Recipient What is to be included What is not to be included
Doctor Medication, Diagnosis, Treatment Social, Economical
Emergency Doctor Diagnosis, Treatment, Allergies Social, past history, medication
Nurse in charge (for home care) Treatment, Social, medication Complete medical details
Social Worker Social details, Follow ups, etc Medication, treatment

Address Elements

  • Name of the recipient with Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, etc (If the name is not available, start with Designation)
  • Designation, like, “Emergency Doctor”
  • Name of the hospital the recipient works
  • Location Address
  • State
  • Country (Only if the letter is going out of the country)

Written by Biju John

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