Power Sharing – Class 10, CBSE

Mention Practice

Before you start this lesson, ask:

  • Who has more “power” in your school?
  • Girls or Boys? Teachers or Students? Teachers or Principal?


In this part, you are going to see two groups of people in two different countries. One is Belgium and the other, Sri Lanka.

  1. Belgium (in Europe) is smaller than the state of Haryana (India)
  2. Belgium shares its borders with Italy.
  3. Belgium’s population is a little above the population of Haryana.
  4. There is only one ethnic group in Belgium.
  5. French and Dutch are the two languages spoken in Belgium.
  6. There are more Dutch speakers in Belgium than French speakers.
  7. Brussels is the largest city in Belgium.
  8. German is the spoken language of 1% population of Belgium.
  9. There is almost no German spoken in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.
  10. The French speaking community was richer and more educated than the Dutch speaking people.
  11. The Dutch speaking community was not happy with the French speaking community.
  12. There were tensions between the two major ethnic groups at the time your grandfather was a child.
  13. In Brussels, the two groups lived more peacefully than in other places.
  14. Population-wise, Dutch-speaking people were less in Brussels compared to those who spoke French.

Sri Lanka

  1. Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu are neighboring countries.
  2. Haryana’s population is not higher than Sri Lanka’s.
  3. Sri Lanka has a diverse population.
  4. Most south Asian nations do not have diverse population.
  5. Sinhala and Tamil are the two languages spoken in Tamil Nadu.
  6. Almost one-fourth of the Sri Lankans speak Sinhala.
  7. Indian Tamils and Sri Lankan Tamils are the two major ethnic groups in Sri Lanka.
  8. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are the four religions found in Sri Lanka.
  9. People from India had conquered Sri Lanka during the colonial period and stayed back.
  10. Christianity is the smallest religion in Sri Lanka.

If you consider these two groups – the groups in Belgium and Sri Lanka – played football. Who will win? In Belgium, the French or Forget football and think about a clash between these groups? It won’t be a match, but a war? Were there wars between these countries? Who won? Let’s see!

Majoritarianism (Sri Lanka)

  1. Sri Lanka became independent a year after India did.
  2. The Sinhala Community wanted the Tamil Community to form the government.
  3. Sinhala community was / is in majority in Sri Lanka.
  4. The government followed policies that favoured the Sinhala and the Tamil alike.
  5. Buddhism was declared the official religion of Sri Lanka.
  6. Sri Lankan Tamil population was being disregarded.
  7. All this was because the Tamils were in a way foreigners in Sri Lanka.
  8. In spite of the government policies, the Tamil community lived in harmony with the Sinhala people.
  9. I agree with the Sinhala majoritarianism.
  10. The Tamils did not enjoy equality for many years.
  11. “Eelam” means “government.”
  12. A civil war is fought between two countries.