OET30 – Day 12

OET in 30 Days!

Welcome to the Twelfth Day of ‘OET in 30 Days’ Program to help you with a step by step training in OET (Occupational English Test). As a participant, you are expected to complete the following tasks everyday.

NB: Much of English Melon’s OET30 tasks are unique, so, please get ready to do things smartly. Do not ignore any of the tasks.

Today’s Tasks

  1. Today’s Case Notes & Analysis (Nursing)
  2. Today’s Grammar (Connectors)
  3. Reading – Sentence Labeling
  4. Reading – Paragraph Labeling
  5. Speaking Task
  6. Correct Use

NB: You have to read at least 10 pages of “Extra Reading task” everyday.

English Melon’s training program is innovative and different. We introduce labeling and transcription methods. All the participants are advised to complete all the tasks before proceeding to the next day.

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