OET Training @ English Melon

Are you planning to start any premium OET Training Program? Here are certain tips to help you:


We offer you a wonderful, effective method to prepare for OET exam in a group of 60 students.

Who should opt for this?

Everyone cannot be good at self study. Some people study only when they are forced and motivated constantly. This is good for them. “OET Classrooms” is a modified, more interesting version of the OET30 Days.

  • Duration – 20 – 25 Days
  • Cost – 3500 INR / 50 USD

How are these sessions conducted?

  • The participants will belong to 10 groups.
  • Each day a particular group members will be allowed to submit their letters and reply to speaking role plays.
  • Our classes are absolutely silent to save time and to impart information on a live document.

Session Timing

12.00 PM to 02.00 PM IST Reading, Listening, Speaking, Language
07.00 PM to 09.00 PM IST Live Letter Corrections

What do you get?

  1. In depth listening training with Transcription Method™
  2. Systematic Reading Training with AXYZ Method™
  3. 40 Live letter corrections which will discuss 120 errors that occur in most OET letters
  4. Min 2 Personal Letter Corrections (2 of your letters will be corrected)
  5. 20 Reading and Listening Materials (Free)
  6. 1 Personal Speaking Session.
  7. 3 Months Access to Englishmelon Website.
  8. 30 Language Training Sessions (“Laugh at Grammar”)
  9. 300 Medical words that appear in Reading and Listening texts / audios.
  10. 200 Medical Abbreviations.

Join today. To enroll, send “OET Classrooms” to bejewjohn@gmail.com

2. Personal OET Training

We provide personal, one to one training for those who have failed repeatedly or for beginners.


We have two letter correction packages:

  1. W20 – 20 Letter Corrections | 5000 INR / 70 USD
  2. W30 – 30 Letter Corrections | 7000 INR / 100 USD


We have two speaking training programs:

  1. S10 – 10 Speaking Sessions (3000 INR)
  2. S20 – 20 Speaking Sessions (5000 INR)

After paying, please send a payment invoice screenshot to bejewjohn@gmail.com or to my whatsapp / telegram. Number +91 7510923061

Call +91 7510923061 | 9810740061 or Email to bejewjohn@gmail.com or Make payment to:

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