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OET Listening Training with Transcription


Are you non-native to any of the English speaking countries? If yes, there are around 400 to 1600 words that you don’t easily understand just by hearing them spoken. To be familiar with them, you have to practice transcription.

What is Transcription?

  1. Open the Transcription pages below and listen to the audios with and without a headphone.
  2. Keep your notebook and pen/cil on the table.
  3. As the conversation is played back, write down each word and complete the entire audio. Transcribe means “write.”
  4. In case you need to listen to the audio again and again, that’s absolutely fine. You can pause, stop, play again, anything.
  5. After completing, check if any word is not written. Listen again and complete.

NB: You can type your transcription as a comment below and compare yours with the ones written by others.

Recommended: Do at least 10 to 20 transcriptions to reach 350 from 320.

Transcription Task 1

Write down the transcription of the following audios one after the other. Important! Do not leave any word. Write all!

Transcription Task 2

Transcription Task 3

Transcription Task 4

Transcription Task 5

Transcription Task 6

Transcription Task 7

Transcription Task 8

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