OET Exam Tips


Age, Salutation, Gender, Patient Name

  1. If the patient is a baby, name Ryan, age 5 weeks, write “Re: Baby Ryan; 5 weeks”
  2. If the patient is a boy, name Ryan, age 5 years, write “Re: Master Ryan; 5 years”
  3. If the patient is a girl, name Retzy, age 5 years, write “Re: Miss Retzy; 5 years
  4. If the patient is a man, 18 years and above, name Ryan, write “Re: Mr Ryan; 18 years”
  5. If the patient is a woman, name Retzy, age 22 years, write “Re: Ms Retzy; 22 years”
  6. If the patient is a woman, name Elly, age 50 years, married, husband alive, write “Re: Mrs Ryan; 50 years”

NB: If an adult (18+) patient’s name has three parts, write “Mr Robert Dony Xavier,” at the first and second mentions and “Mr Xavier” thereafter.

NB: If a boys (2 – 17) name has three parts, write “Mr Robert Dony Xavier,” at the first and second mentions and “Robert” thereafter. Same rule for girls.

Avoid these Passive sentences:

  1. She was commenced antidepressants → Antidepressants were commenced.
  2. She was recommended diet modification → Diet modification was recommended.
  3. She was prescribed analgesics → Analgesics were / was prescribed.
  4. She was initiated physiotherapy → Physiotherapy was initiated.

Do not use these words in your letter:

  1. So, hence, thus (use “therefore” instead)
  2. Furthermore, moreover (Use “additionally,”)
  3. Diabetic medication / diabetic diet (Write, “diabetes diet…”)
  4. Patient, suffer, obese, overweight (use “she has had diabetes…”)
  5. Use carefully: Also, as well as, along with.


The interlocutor may behave rudely. Some of them will appear to be knowing nothing about OET role plays. They must be doing it on purpose. You are the one who has to control the role play. Use your fingers and take the control.

  • The Thumb → Meet → 30 seconds.
  • The Index finger → Enquire & Listen → 2 Minute
  • The Middle Finger → Offer → 1 minute
  • The Ring finger → Neutralize → 30 seconds.
  • The Little Finger → Summarize

Sample Sentences

  • Meeting: “Hello, Mr Peter. Nice to see you in the best of your health. Tell me, how can I help you today?
  • Enquire & Listen: “Well, sorry for interrupting you. Tell me. How often have you experienced this sort of pain. I mean, for a year? If you don’t mind, why didn’t we discuss during the last meeting? (Ask one by one)
  • Offer: “I have told you there is no need to worry about this. The best advice I can offer you as a starter is smoking cessation. What do you think?”
  • Neutralize: “I am so excited to hear that from you, Mr Peter. You have given me hope beyond measure. I am sure that you will overcome this situation sooner than we thought.”
  • Summarize: “Mr John, one minute! Before we wind up, I would like to summarize the discussion so that you will take home the crux of the discussion.”

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