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Injection technique

As the amount of subcutaneous fat varies between patients, individual patient assessment is vital before carrying out the procedure. It is important to avoid inadvertently injecting the drug into muscle, as intramuscular injection can affect drug absorption; for example, inadvertent administration of insulin into the muscle can lead to accelerated insulin absorption and lead to hypoglycemia. A lifted skinfold technique (pinching or bunching the skin) can be used to lift the subcutaneous layer away from the underlying muscle. This method reduces the risk of inadvertent intramuscular injection when undertaken correctly; however, releasing the skin too quickly before the injection is completed or lifting it incorrectly can increase that risk. Needles need to be long enough to inject the drug into the subcutaneous tissue. They come in lengths of 5cm, 6cm and 8cm. It is suggested that the required needle length can be estimated by pinching the skin using the lifted skinfold technique and selecting a needle that is 1.5 times the width of the skinfold.

Mention Practice

  1. The central idea of the paragraph is insulin injection
  2. Some patients have lower amount of subcutaneous fat than others,
  3. Each patient may have to undergo an assessment before carrying out the procedure.
  4. When an injection is jabbed intramuscularly, drug absorption happens very quickly.
  5. If the injecting insulin into the muscle is done accidently, it can lead to hypoglycemia.
  6. Muscles can absorb insulin faster than the subcutaneous layer.
  7. A lifted-skinfold-technique is also known as pinching or bunching the skin.
  8. The subcutaneous layer lies below the muscles.
  9. Inadvertent intramuscular injection is not completely unavoidable.
  10. Releasing the skin too quickly after the injection is completed can increase risk.
  11. 6 cm needles are best for injecting without complication
  12. The lifted skinfold technique is one recommended for estimating the required needle length.
  13. If the skinfold width is 3 cm, the needle length should be 5 cm.


01. What does this information on injection technique tell us about the lifted skinfold technique?

  1. The lifted skinfold technique allows for a suitable needle choice to be made;
  2. The lifted skinfold technique ensures medication to be administered into the muscle layer;
  3. The lifted skinfold technique involves releasing the skin quickly to reduce the risk of bruising.

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