Melons OET Programs – 2023

We start our online training programs (A3) at the start of every month. Depending on your availability and nature of work-hours, you can select the most suitable program for you.

“MelON A3 Level” Program

This program combines online group training with online personal training.

  • 4 hours of Online Group Sessions.
  • 1 hour of Personal Training.
  • Monday to Friday
  • Weekly Mock Tests
  • 4 Booklets with Materials
  • Recorded Videos
  • Personal Care

The A3 Plan is best for non-working nurses and doctors who can be available to attend the LIVE sessions  from 09.00 am IST to 3.00 pm IST and then 1 hour between 4 and 9 pm, IST.

09.00 am Reading 1
10.15 am Writing
11.30 am Speaking
01.00 pm Reading 2
02.00 pm Listening Tasks
03.00 pm Writing 2

From 04.00 pm, your personal trainers (Speaking & Writing) will contact you to conduct your personal sessions. You have the freedom to select a fixed / flexible time for each day between 04 pm and 09.00 pm IST (Indian Time) Check Time Difference

Fee: 10,000 INR / Month | 100% Pass | Recorded Videos only for Exceptional Students

“MelON B1 Level” Program

B1 Plan is for those who can attend the morning group sessions and those who wish to save money. You should really try this plan if you are free from 09.00 am to 04.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

09.00 am Reading 1
10.15 am Writing
11.30 am Speaking
01.00 pm Reading 2
02.00 pm Listening Tasks
03.00 pm Writing 2

Fee: 4000 INR | 90% Pass for those who follow our instructions | Recorded Videos only for Exceptional Students.

MelOff Program

This program is for those lucky nurses and doctors who can attend our offline training directly from the creators of the 24 Melons Methods (OET / IELTS)

09.00 am Opening, Reading 1
10.15 am Writing
11.30 am Mock Test
12.30 am Lunch
01.00 pm Reading 2
02.15 pm Onwards: Correction, Role Play, Gaps, Mention Practice
04.00 pm Closing


We have our own unique syllabus and programs to prepare you for the highest possible scores (BBBB). We have 24 methods and daily tasks like Gaps exercises, Mention Practice and Letter Writing and corrections. Below you can get an idea about the programs we have on a typical working day:

  1. Reading Discussion.
  2. Case Notes Discussion.
  3. Letter Writing
  4. Speaking Role Play
  5. Daily Mock Test
  6. Mention Practice
  7. Gaps Exercise
  8. Letter Correction.
  9. Website Tasks from

When to Pay?

You need to pay the fees on the first day of the Monthly Programs, which is usually the first Monday of every month or the first day of the month. The first day will be completely FREE for all new members whereas, existing members have to make the payment at least 3 days before the opening / commencement day.

Time Difference

  • If you are from the UK or Nigeria, you will have to wake up 5 hours earlier than usual for a few months. So, think before you join.
  • If you are from the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, it is a matter of 2 hours of early waking.
  • Those from Asian countries (India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc.) will find our timings most suitable.

Account Details

Bank Transfer:

Biju John
Axis Bank, South Bazaar, Kannur;
IFSC UTIB0002605
Acc No 918010048065392

Google Pay +91 9810740061

NB: Share the payment screenshot on Telegram, privately to +917510923061

After Payment

After sharing your payment details, your training will start. Based on your package, you will have group sessions, personal sessions or both.

Our Trainers

  • Unlike many institutes, English Melon does not employ our students to teach.
  • Our trainers are highly qualified, trained and experienced.

Final Step

join our Telegram Group

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Written by English Melon

Biju John, author of ByeBle and Maclins, is an English Language Trainer. He has also authored his educational Fiction. All these titles are available on Amazon and Google. You can contact his office on WhatsApp / Telegram number +917510923061

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