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Listening Gaps – Series 01

Complete the Extracts after listening to the audios multiple times.

  • Listen to the audio.
  • Write the missing words on your notebook.
  • Follow the exact numbers.
  • Listen to the audio again and again until you have understood all the words.
  • Max time: 1 Hour.

Skin Cancers

Skin cancers are caused by the abnormal cells that are capable enough to (1) ____ and (2) ____ to other parts of the body. Generally, skin cancers are classified as (3) ____ or nonmelanoma skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, (4) _____ cell carcinoma, in addition to less common types of tumours such as (5) _____, lymphomas, Kaposi’s (6) _____, or hair and (7) _____ gland tumours. Skin cancer symptoms include (8) _____ in the appearance of a (9) _____ or spot on the skin or the developing of a new (10) _______ on the skin. It may also cause symptoms and signs such as (11) ______, skin (12) _____, (13) _____, swelling, or bleeding.


Depression is a (14) ____ involving the body, thoughts and (15) ____ that severely impacts the way a person (16) ____, eats, (17) ____, and the way one feels about oneself. Depressive disorders are categorized by (18) ____ mood swings that severely affect all aspects of an individual’s (19) _______. A depressive disorder is not just a (20) ________, but it is more of a case of (21) _______. Certain symptoms of depression include feelings of (22) _______, helplessness, (23) ________, guilty feeling, lack of interest, (24) ____, loss of appetite, loss of (25) ____, self-loathing and sleep disorders.


Doctor, should frailty be considered before any operation in an older person?

Frailty is not just a phrase, but a health metric that should be performed (26) _____ to any (27) _______. I think the frailty score is a very good concept. It may dictate the objective of the surgery. The frailty score concept relates to the inexorable decline of (28) ____ reserve that is a normal (29) ______ of the (30) _____ process. We must consider that a healthy 60-year-old will not be as (31) ____ a healthy (32) __________-year-old individual when faced with the necessity to have (33) ______.

The frailty concept really is more (34) _____. Frailty can be simply evaluated with a (35) ______, such as a very slow walk speed or an inability to walk very far, giving a good approximation. Both patient and (36) ______ should consider the consequences of surgery before the procedure begins, especially in the frail.

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