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Letter Placing Order

Let’s look at a sample letter. Here is the question.

Write a letter to the Sales Manager, MMS Books, Ashok Vihar, Delhi, placing order for five titles of books that you need for educational purpose. You are Sanjeev/Sanjana, 12/CA, Model Town, Kurukshetra.

MMS Books
Ashok Vihar
12/CA, Model Town
Kurukshetra, Punjab – 0112

December 2017

Delhi – 88

Subject – Placing Order


Thank you for your prompt reply to our previous letter of inquiry dated 20 November 2017 with reference number 56B/2017. A panel of our firm has studied your brochure and price list and feels satisfied to place an order for the same. The following chart describes the products we intend to buy along with the author, quantity, etc.

Title Author Quantity Year
Modern Eco Dr. Singh 35 2015
Business 2016 Mathew MN 40 2016
Mental Disoreders Dr. Yashank B 55 2013
Ageing in 30s Ruchir Dua 66 2015

Kindly be reminded that each of the title carries 20% student discount and 5% winter sale discount. As per our earlier communication, we have requested to send only books without binding. Also, make sure that every single book is devoid of any kind of printing-binding-packing defect. The total amount of $ 1200 will be paid at the time of delivery.

Yours truly,

Before you proceed further, fail not to check our hard-worked pages

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How to Write a Letter Placing Order?

  • Paragraph 1 – Start the letter with what you have learnt about the company and its products.
  • Paragraph 2 – Draw a table and include “Order Number”, “Item name” “Item quantity” “Other Specifications.”
  • Paragraph 3 – Refer to how, when, where you would like the delivery to be made.
  • Close the letter with how you hope for the delivery, etc.


  • “This is with reference to the inquiry letter dated 12th March 2018, regarding the purchase of silk thread.”
  • This is a follow up of our communication on 12th March and then on 21st March regarding a bulk purchase…”\
  • With reference to…
  • Your letter of November 12
  • Our meeting on September 3, ….
  • Our conversation last week, ….
  • Further to our telephone conversation yesterday, ….
  • Following our discussion last week….
  • Following our meeting last Thursday….
  • I refer to your letter of August 17 in which you….

The Table

Serial No. Product Qty Variant
1 Denver 350 Green
2 Colgate 400 Sensitive
3 Good-Knight 550 Quick
4 Mouthwash 600 Any

The Closing

  • We have already made 50% of the payment at the SBI today at 12.20 PM.
  • Hope to receive the order delivered on or before 22nd of this month.
  • Kindly refer to the agreement on post delivery services such as clearance and stocking.
  • Please find enclosed/attached:
    • Receipt of the bank-payment
    • Copy of your brochure’s table of content page, etc.

This is how a letter placing order ends. Do not forget to write the sender’s address, date, receiver’s address, subject and salutation before paragraph 1 and “Yours truly” and the name of the sender at the end.

Let’s read a few more samples


12 B, Gem Advertising
Al Wahab Street, Doha1 March 2014The Manager
Printing and Packing Section
Royal Books

Abu Hamour, Doha

Subject – Placing order for bulk printing work


This is with reference to our previous communication regarding the print work of three books. The details are given below:

SERIAL Title Size Cover Pages
1 2 States 5×8″ paperback 230
2 Tom Sawyer 5×8″ Hardcover 345
3 Nose to Lips 5.5×8″ Paperback 232
4 Code of Didymus 5×8″ paperback 400

We hope you would complete the printing jobs within a week’s time with all binding, cropping and additional works included. Kindly note which books get a hard cover and which one gets a paperback. All the books are black and white and the sizes are well mentioned. Any delay in the completion would cause serious damage to our reputation in the industry as our clients are from royal families here in Doha and Dubai.

We have already made an advance payment of $2300 at the Doha Bank and the remaining payment will be made at the time of the completion of the work. We hope to get the books delivered in time.

Yours truly,
Muhammad Kalaam.

Before you proceed further, fail not to check our hard-worked pages

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Sample 3

You are Mohan Bhagat, Eureka Forbes, NOIDA. You have received the reply to your inquiry letter from Woddcutters Inc, dated 2rd March, 2015. You feel positive about the company’s terms and conditions. Write a letter placing order for the furniture that you have mentioned in the previous communication.

Eureka House
Gandhi Road, NOIDA -223344
Phone – 9898989898, 011-223344 | email

2nd March 2015

The Sales Manager
3/C, Woodcutter’s Inc
Janakpuri, Delhi 112233

Subject: Placing order for furniture


This is a follow-up of our previous communication, ref. no. 24/ERQ-2015. Thank you for your timely response and concern. We would like to place an immediate order for the following sets of furniture.

Code No. Name of Article Material Quantity
2213 Conference Table Wood 02
2276 Sofa Steel & Wood 02
2233 Chairs Wood 20

As per our communication, we are sending a demand draft for Rs. 15,000 as advance payment. The rest of the money will be paid at the time of delivery. Kindly comply with our agreement statements. We hope to receive the purchase in three working days.

Yours truly
Mohan Bhagat, Asst. Engineer

Questions for Practice

You can now write (type) your letters on a page and get it corrected for FREE. Follow these steps:

  1. Install Google Docs app on your mobile / tab
  2. Open the link below and write the answer to the following questions on the page.

NB: If you want to type on a computer:

  • Step A – email the link 2 to your own mail (Send a mail from to your email ID)
  • Step B – Open the mail on the computer
  • Step C – Open the link


  1. Write a letter to Steel House, Rawalpindi, Punjab, placing order for steel utensils for your new home at Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan. You are Abu Malik, 343, Old Fort Road, Rawalpindi.


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