Gaps Series 3

Gaps 3.1

You hear an obstetrician talking to a patient called Melissa Gordon.

So this first meeting, Mrs Gordon, is mainly a chance for you and I to get to know each other. I’ll ask about your medical history and this is also an opportunity for you to ask me any questions that you’ve got at this point.


So, some background. What kind of work do you do?

I have a job at an engineering company. I’m a computer programmer. I currently do four days a week, but I hope to reduce that to three after my maternity leave.

Excellent. So tell me about your medical health. Do you have any conditions I should know about?

Well, I have (1) ________, but they don’t happen (2) ____________. I lost about ten kilos and that certainly helped. I have an (3) ____________ but hardly ever use it. Oh. I should also let you know that I come out in (4) ____________ if I take (5) ____________, but not other things. I’m fine. If I eat (6) _________, for example. I have a fairly healthy (7) ____________. I’m a (8) ____________ and I’ve never (9) ____________. Good. I’m afraid I don’t go to the (10) _______ or anything, but I walk to work and generally keep active.

Oh, that’s good. So this is your (11) ____________?

No. I have a daughter called Ella. She’s (12) ____________ now.

And did everything go smoothly that time?

There were no major problems during the pregnancy itself, but it took me quite a time to (13) ____________ the first time. After having various tests, I was given some (14) ____________ _______. What were they called? It’s on the tip of my tongue. Never mind, it’ll come back to me. This time, though, I didn’t need any help.

It’s no problem. What about labour last time around?

Oh, that was a (15) ____________, though everything, thank goodness, worked out in the () __________. It was a (16) ____________ ______. It looked as if I might have to have a Caesarean and I really didn’t want that. I was pleased I managed without an (17) ____________ too. They had to use (18) ____________ to get Ella out, but I didn’t need any (19) ____________, so that was okay. Unfortunately, though, I had some difficulties after the birth, too. I was desperate to start (20) __________________, but that didn’t work out. At least not until I was given some guidance by the (21) ____________.

Okay. So, can I ask you about the baby’s father?

Sure. That’s my husband, (22) _________. There’s something in his family history that I should tell you about. I think his grandfather and father both had (23) ____________, though he hasn’t developed it himself. I’m not sure if that means his children have a greater chance of having it or not. Oh, also, he has a child from his (24) ____________ and he has (25) ____________, so he gets a bit anxious when I’m pregnant.

Well, that’s understandable. Of course, we can discuss various testing options, if you like. You might want to consider (26) __________________, for example.

But that carries a risk of (27) ____________, doesn’t it? I don’t want to go for that. I’ve heard about another test called (28) ________. Is that something to consider?

Well, it’s certainly an option. However, that procedure, in fact, also carries a small increase in the risk of (29) ____________. And you’d need to come to a decision fairly soon because it’s normally carried out between (30) ____________ ________________ of the pregnancy.

Well, I can tell you straight away that if there’s more risk, then I wouldn’t consider it. I know my husband will feel the same.

Well, that’s fair enough. So is there anything else you’d like to ask me about today?

Nothing urgent, but it’d be good to know more about how to get (31) ____________ ready for a new addition to the family. I want to make sure Ella doesn’t feel (32) ____________ or (33) ____________ or anything.

Well, there’s a leaflet that many parents find helpful.

Here we are. Have a look through that. Oh, thanks.

That’s great. I’m sure I’ll have lots more questions at our next meeting.

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