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Gaps – Series 3

Gaps – Indirect Answers

Attention! You will have to fill in the gaps with the modified forms of the missing words.


  • Diabetes can change to diabetic.
  • Hypertension can change to hypertensive.
  • Cessation can change to “cease” or “ceased.”

NB. Do not copy what you hear.

Mr Mike Royce has just signed up with a new practice because his previous GP, who, after retirement, suggested this facility.

  • Mr Joyce got an ongoing medical condition and he has (1) ___________ about that.
  • Talking about his condition, Mr Joyce has (2) __________ which started with really (3) ______________ in the (4) ___________ as a result of (5) ______________ the knee more than normal. The condition worsened as a result of once (6) ______________ while climbing some stairs at work. Now he has bumps all over the back of the knee, and they are (7) _______. He gets (8) _______ form them, even upon touching them (9) _______.
  • Doctor’s called them: (10) _______ (because pain frequently radiates out from them upon (11) _______.
  • He returned to (12) _______ after a week (more or less).
  • The knee problems still unsolved, Mr Royce had extreme difficulty (13) _______ properly or (14) _______.
  • Mr Royce is a (15) _______ and has to position himself (16) _______.
  • With all these, he kept going back to his old GP to update his health.
  • He started with (17) _______ _______ of exercise and then tried (18) _______ ones such as ice packs. However, nothing really worked for him. Somewhere, his GP suspected that Mr Royce had (19) ____________. So, he sent him for some (20) ____________ work in the hospital which actually did seem to work, at least at first.

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